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Our data expertise allows us to offer a range of technology services to the alternative investment industry. Because we specialise in this sector, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to build a data strategy and harness the power of their data.  We have a proven track record of delivering results with a range of private equity, venture capital, real estate, micro finance, infrastructure and sovereign wealth funds of all shapes and sizes.

Technology and data services

We equip our clients with cutting edge solutions to both project and “business as usual” problems.  Our proprietary toolkit specifically addresses issues such as configuration, system upgrades, application integration, data migration and cleansing, testing, data visualisation and dashboards, business intelligence (BI) and reporting advisory and data architecture. We offer the following:



Understanding and defining both your current and target state operating models, we provide pragmatic and transformational advice.

Data Strategy

Our data expertise means we design and deliver strategic, innovative and value generative approaches to data. All focused on helping your business grow.

Solution Selection

Our experts help you identify, evaluate and select the most appropriate technological solutions for your individual needs.


System Implementation

Working with industry-leading vendors, we leverage our expertise to deliver system upgrades and new system implementations, both efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Data Migration and Integration

Our data engineers use innovative techniques to identify and implement the most effective strategies, that allow your data to be migrated, integrated and managed. 

Bespoke Development

Where existing technology does not meet your strategic needs, our team of engineers design and develop custom technical solutions.


Reporting and Visualisation

Data must be usable. So, we design and deliver reporting and visualisation strategies that support quick and effective decision-making.


Our team acts as an extension of yours, providing flexible, business-as-usual and proactive, ongoing support of your key business applications.


Our system experts provide tailored training to empower your team, ensuring your business applications deliver value throughout your organisation.

What is data strategy?

A strategic approach to data underpins all the work we do with our clients. It’s a vision for how your organisation will generate, process, organise and share data. So you can maximise its value. Find out how we do it by following the link below.

Our work

With significant experience in our domain, we have many examples of how we have helped businesses solve problems and challenges. Always delivering compelling and useful solutions. Here’s just one example of how we designed a target operating model and delivered a revolutionary approach to data gathering, processing and reporting. 

What do our clients think?

We have worked with it|venture for seven years on a variety of engagements both discrete and on-going and have found the advice and execution they have provided to be first-class.

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