Data and the five levels of sophistication

In 2024, more and more conversations we have with clients and prospects inevitably end up with a discussion on AI and how they can use it. Whilst there is little doubt that AI is coming, firms need to be ready to implement it. We believe that requires a significant amount of groundwork to be done […]

Reflecting on the crucial components of any data strategy

Last month, I was delighted to be asked to join a panel debate at the Real Deals Tech Innovation Conference in London. The topic of the discussion focussed on the growing importance of data as an asset for private capital market firms and how a coherent data strategy can deliver huge value. As a topic […]

The importance of a cohesive data strategy and how to achieve it

A data strategy is a vision for how your organisation will generate, process, organise and share data, so you can maximise its value. We believe there is a clear process for developing and embedding a data strategy within the private capital markets. And this is how we typically do it. Define Your Objectives Clearly outline […]

Designing and implementing streamlined data architecture in DealCloud

In our global practice we recently completed a 14-month project with a leading US head quartered alternative asset management business with in excess of $500bn AUM. They asked us to design a solution to migrate over 1,000 users from their existing DealCloud site, which required the maintenance of multiple versions of pipelines in Excel, to […]

The importance of data-led people strategies

Our CEO, Bertie Heyman, recently featured in the latest edition of the Drawdown magazine, providing his thoughts on how Private Markets businesses should structure their internal teams and why he believes that external support at key stages is the best route for businesses to take. Here’s what Bertie had to say ——- It’s a significant […]

How to get started with a data strategy project

We are delighted to have launched a new series of explainer videos. A series of bite-sized videos that look at some of the challenges our clients typically face and how we can help them solve these. To kick things off, in the glorious sunshine, our CEO Bertie Heyman takes a look at what you need […]

Take back control of your data

In the latest in our insight series, we explore six reasons why a private equity (PE) firm might choose to build its own proprietary data warehouse. Using enterprise technologies such as Azure or Snowflake. Control Having its own data warehouse gives PE firms complete control over its data. They can decide what data to collect, […]

Harnessing the power of Data Warehousing for Private Equity Firms 

Private equity firms often deal with vast amounts of complex data related to their investments, portfolio companies, and forward-thinking market research. More often than not, this data is sourced from multiple internal and external systems, such as financial statements, investor reports, and market research databases. To effectively manage this data, private equity firms can benefit […]

Introducing the Connect Data Integration Platform

We are delighted to announce the launch of Connect, our new private capital-focused data integration platform. Connect is an innovative solution that empowers private capital firms to integrate their data quickly and easily. Thereby enabling them to move data seamlessly across systems, teams, and platforms. With Connect, firms can gain valuable insights from their data […]

Taking legacy systems and processes into the future

The rapid evolution and growth of the private capital markets has accelerated the demands and opportunities faced by sponsors and allocators. But technology enhancements and digital transformation can drive significant and meaningful change. Our latest infographic looks at what you can do and how we can help. You can find it here.