The importance of change management for

Data Platforms

The Case Study

In the realm of private markets, the value of data cannot be overstated. To excel in this ever-changing landscape, businesses must adopt cutting-edge data platforms. However, the success of these transitions hinges on effective change management.

Prolonged development downtime isn’t aligned with peak business performance, as we’ve learned through extensive experience in crafting solutions to address this issue. Allow us to present one illustrative example.

Who was the client

Our client is one of Europe’s leading private debt firms. We had previously built their Data Platform, but as the business continued to grow, and the platform gained more and more usage, we needed to build a robust change management process.

What did we do?

Having significant knowledge of the client’s current set up allowed us to quickly understand that the best way to enable a robust change management process was to implement Azure DevOps into the existing Data Platform. This then allowed us to design and set up two further environments, designed for development and testing, to compliment the production platform.

At the same time, we analysed existing Power BI Dashboards and designed and published reusable datasets that encompassed all the relevant data. Existing reports were then redirected to new, user friendly Power BI datasets.

The project outcome

The conclusion of the project left our client with a reliable change management process. Using the development, test and production versions of their data platform collaboratively enables thorough testing of additional data sources and enhancements to the platform before migration to the live environment. And migration is now an automated process, removing the need for time consuming and error-prone manual intervention.


And the reusable Power BI datasets enable the business users to easily pull in datasets with complete confidence that they are consistent across the business. Providing complete data integrity and an unequivocal level of trust.

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