eFront FrontInvest

Implementation, Data Migration and Reporting

The Case Study

Who was the client?

Our client, headquartered in Italy, is one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers.

What was the challenge?

Our client wanted to move from legacy excel spreadsheets to the latest version of eFront’s FrontInvest. We needed to analyse and consolidate excel files to extract the relevant information to migrate data into eFront. 

The project objectives

To ensure that the data migration was meticulously implemented to enable their use of FrontInvest, enhancing the activities of their business users. We focused on the following.

Data accuracy

To ensure that the data was migrated efficiently and with the highest degree of accuracy.


Automating large sets of data transformation using Python, based on mapping performed by the it|venture team, in collaboration with the client.

Data reconciliation

Reconciliation of data through automated checking reports built in the system.

General ledger

Implementing a General Ledger, setting up GL accounts and accounting schemas.


Robust system testing, including GL generation and postings of business transactions and operations.

Reporting framework

A reporting framework that supports the needs and demands of the business and stakeholders, including implementation of PowerBi reports, based on eFront FrontInvest data through eFront Data Warehouse.

What did we bring to the project?

Our unique relationship

With eFront enables us to “speak the same language”, ensuring needs and requirements are accurately conveyed and delivered.

Our clear understanding

Of the eFront technology allows us to appropriately recommend and deliver solutions on a wide variety of tasks without having to engage eFront’s professional services team.

Our proven ability

To proactively manage workflows allows General’s users to focus on their own jobs and deliver value to the General business.

The project outcome

Having analysed and consolidated excel files to extract the relevant information to migrate data into eFront, we assisted in the set up of the General Ledger module. We configured multiple accounting schemas. We ensured all processes were automated where possible, repeatable where necessary and reconcilable, to ensure data quality was not compromised. These checks were built into the data processing stage of the migration, comparing source data with automated checking reports. We have implemented FrontReports, Dashboards and PowerBI reports to support business users’ reporting requirements.

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