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The Case Study


Jess Shepherd


We do the heavy lifting, so our clients can get on with what they do best.

At it|venture, we love to solve problems. We recently worked with a Global Asset Management group who invest in primaries, secondaries, direct investments and private credit, to automate their data uploads into iLEVEL. Here’s how we did it, what was involved and the business outcome for the client.

The challenge

Whilst our client had some experience using iLEVEL, they had multiple platforms and were struggling to use them effectively to drive the right insight and outcomes. They asked us to help bring everything together , creating a coherent and easy to use approach to data uploads.

Our approach

After spending time understanding the client’s objectives, we quickly realised that the answer to their challenge was the development of a new import template that was flexible enough to be used across a huge range of fund types. We ensured that the template met the following key criteria:

It could be used for both primary and secondary investments.

It was robust enough to adapt to portfolios of different sizes.

It allowed reinstatement, but flagged any data which was updated from a previous period.

It automatically checked for any data which did not submit correctly, allowing users to proactively correct these issues.

It could import both positional and cashflow transaction data.

Embedding the process

After we had finished development and put the new template in place, we hosted a series of workshops with the client’s internal team, talking them through the new process and teaching them how to use the import functionality in detail. Further workshops were carried out with the client’s platform management team, anticipating the addition of new data points and ensuring resolution of any issues their team encountered in using the templates.

What did we bring to the project?

Our platform expertise

The internal team had iLEVEL training, but they maintained several platforms, so were not expertly focused in using its full capabilities. We brought specific knowledge, experience from other work, and fresh ideas to the project.

Our technical knowledge

Using our significant experience and knowledge, we understood the art of the possible, creating functionality that the client’s internal team were unaware they could avail of.

Future proofing

Our collaborative approach gave the client the tools to be able to maintain the process themselves moving forward, removing any reliance on a third-party to do so.

The project outcome

Our client can now load all of their data simply, quickly, and with very little duplication of effort. This has led to a significant reduction in time to complete imports and design reporting. They now have a process which can scale with the size of their investment portfolio, and can be adapted in the future if they need to enhance their data set.  

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