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See how we help businesses in the private capital markets harness the power of their data.

Solving the most complex data challenges

At it | venture we work with our clients on complex data challenges. We bridge the gaps between their business and their technology. Working across the globe, we have many examples of how we have helped businesses fix problems and challenges. Always delivering compelling and useful solutions. You can explore some of our work below. Whatever your challenge is, we’re confident we can help you solve it.

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Case Study

Developing an automated process to gather different data sources

Our client’s accounting software had a disjointed structure. They was an over-reliance on hard coded data extracts and a wealth of cumbersome external data sources to provide their business intelligence. Put simply, it was a muddle that needed structure and a clear future state vision. And that’s where we came in.

Case Study

Designing a target operating model and delivering a new approach to data reporting

Our client’s data structure and processes were disjointed. They wanted to design a target operating model for their data future state, provide guidance and support in order to implement the right software solutions, and design and deliver state of the art reporting capabilities in order to support their future business intelligence.

Case Study

Migrating and transforming existing data and implementing new reporting

We helped our client move from a legacy eFront product to the latest version of eFront Invest (Ready). This work included a wide range of workflows including project management, the migration and transformation of existing data and the implementation of all reporting, dashboarding and DWH interface development.

Case Study

Implementing a Data Platform

See how we implemented a Data Platform for one of Europe’s leading private debt firms, providing the scalable data foundation they need to optimise their operations and drive growth.

Case Study

eFront FrontInvest Implementation With Data Migration and Reporting

Our client wanted to move from legacy excel spreadsheets to the latest version of eFront’s FrontInvest. We needed to analyse and consolidate excel files, ensuring that the data migration was meticulously implemented to enable their use of FrontInvest. Thereby enhancing the activities of their business users.

What is data strategy and how does it help solve complex data challenges?

A strategic approach to data underpins all the work we do with our clients. It’s a vision for how your organisation will generate, process, organise and share data. So you can maximise its value. Find out how we do it by following the link below.

Taking legacy systems and processes into the future

The rapid evolution and growth of the private capital markets has accelerated the demands and opportunities faced by sponsors and allocators. But technology enhancements and digital transformation can drive significant and meaningful change. Our latest infographic looks at what you can do and how we can help

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