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We have completed numerous projects with Snowflake as the central data warehouse. These projects have ranged from consulting on best practises, to building the fully fledged Snowflake data warehouse.

We offer a wide range of Snowflake services. Our Data Engineers have achieved Snowflake SnowPro certification – demonstrating our up-to-date expertise and knowledge of the powerful data warehousing PaaS. 

Our Snowflake Services


Provisioning the most suitable virtual warehouses for the task. Giving appropriate compute power, effective query processing and efficient cost.


Ensuring the platform and the data is accessible only to those who are authorised. Including Network policies, Role Bases Access Policies and MFA.

Data replication
and Failover

Utilising Data replication and failover features offered by Snowflake to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.


Using native Snowflake integration methods including external stages and SnowPipe but also leveraging third-party cloud tools such as Azure Data Factory and Matillion to ingest/transform data.

Resource Monitoring
and Budgets

We diligently monitor the expenditure of Snowflake instances. To avoid unexpected costs, we set up alerts and actions to suspend warehouses once a limit has been reached.


Using our extensive expertise with Microsoft Azure we can seamlessly integrate Snowflake to Azure using the latest and most secure methods.


Leveraging our extensive expertise, we can create and implement dashboards in tools like Power BI using datasets stored in Snowflake.

Data Security

Creating roles and assigning users to the correct roles enables for efficient working within Snowflake whilst also removing the risk that users can see restricted data, delete data or incur unexpected costs.

Best Practice

Through our accreditation with Snowflake we understand the recommended ways of using the platform. Including optimising data ingesting, transformation and delivering to end users.

At it|venture, our expertise in Snowflake transforms your data management and analytics capabilities. We work to harness the full power of this cloud-based platform, delivering tailored solutions that streamline your data processes and unlock valuable insights. From seamless integration and migration to advanced analytics and performance optimisation, our team ensures you maximise the potential of Snowflake, driving your business forward with data-driven decisions

Relevant Snowflake Engagements

London GP

PE, RE, Infrastructure

We were engaged to assist the client with the full implementation of their iLEVEL solution, for three teams of stakeholders across the PE, RE & Infrastructure asset classes. We worked with the team to define the metrics to be collected, the import templates and the output reports.  In addition, we also implemented a robust collection process for their ESG data, facilitating the ongoing import and presentation of the impact assessment and scores of their investments.

London Emerging Markets GP


The firm had implemented iLEVEL without external support, resulting in a platform which was unable to support the needs of the business. it|venture was engaged to lead the reimplementation of the platform, building a collection process which was simple to load and maintain, and powered all of the portfolio reporting required by the firm. We also implemented new functionality to allow the client to deal with their cashflow reporting requirements, eliminating the need to maintain a full back-office solution.

EU Family Office

Direct, Secondaries & Credit

We worked with the client to implement an automated collection process, to streamline the import of data from GP reports into iLEVEL. This process significantly reduced the burden on the data teams, who had previously needed to extract from the report and load this data into the system manually. This results were a process which was significantly faster, and with reduced errors.

London GP


Following the successful implementation of iLEVEL, the firm lost several key personnel, who had been maintaining and running the iLEVEL quarterly collection processes. it|venture were able to provide dedicated resource to maintain both the platform itself, and run the quarterly collection process, synchronising the import of data, and producing the output reports for the quarterly portfolio meetings. This included providing process overview sessions for the portfolio companies themselves, ensuring that what was required from them was clearly understood.

London GP


We were engaged to build a set of new collection templates and reports to facilitate the reporting of segmented financials. We designed, built, tested and rolled out the process in an expediated timeline to enable to client to report this data to LPs in the next cycle. In addition, we also designed a process to ensure that the investment team were adequately updating their quarterly commentary, and flagging non-compliance to the management team for their review.

iLEVEL Services Engagement Models

Project Based Resourcing

Clients that require assistance to deliver a dedicated project, for example the roll-out of new features, the analysis and revision of the site’s data model, the rebuild of existing features or processes, the full re-integration of the platform or the on-boarding of new teams.

Following discovery sessions, a documented scope will be agreed with the client and a commercial proposal provided. Once agreed, we will provide dedicated project resourcing with the appropriate skillsets to deliver the project, working closely with the client’s internal team and business users to ensure success.

Retained Service

Clients that require access to consistent resourcing to provide support and delivery for Snowflake implementations. Typically, our team will supplement the client’s internal capacity to provide best practice advice and technical delivery of any changes that are required. This ranges from required platform updates, to the full-service management of data collection, upload and report generation.

Resourcing is agreed on a per month basis with time allocated to the client that is utilised over the course of the month on a scheduled basis. Depending on the level of assistance required we can provide everything from full time equivalent resourcing through to one day a week of resourcing.

Ad Hoc Support

Clients who do not have a major project or roadmap to deliver against, but require ad-hoc assistance to deliver smaller changes or supplement internal capacity.

You will be assigned an account manager who will coordinate organising ad-hoc access to resourcing as requests are made for support. The account manager will seek to provide access to a consistent pool of resources throughout the project, and deliver availability timelines upon request.

Case Study

Automation of KPI collection for Portfolio Monitoring in iLEVEL

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