With over 50 projects implemented, coupled with our excellent working partnership with BlackRock, our eFront expertise is unrivalled

At it|venture, we specialise in comprehensive eFront services, covering everything from CRM and Dealflow modules to Fund Accounting and Portfolio Monitoring. Because our expert team is adept in all facets of the platform, we ensure seamless integrations and provide robust support. So, whether you need continuous product support or complete implementations, we provide a full suite of professional services tailored to your needs.

Our eFront Services

Best Practice

We use our vast experience to advise on best practices and how to best utilise the platform to meet a client’s needs.

Back Office

We implement back-office platform features, including portfolio and fund management. As well as General Ledger set up, and set up of new configuration and customisations.

Portfolio Monitoring

We set up data points, measures, and collection processes in PM, and coach portfolio companies. Therefore helping them to understand and embrace these processes.


We leverage our experience from numerous data migration projects to deliver successful eFront migrations.

Integration with
Other Systems

We build robust integrations between eFront and other platforms or third-party data providers. As well as external reporting tools, such as data warehouses.


Delivery of bespoke training plans, therefore ensuring clients get the best of the system, either as a full platform manager, or for general daily use.


We maintain the full platform, including the user interface, reports, and data ingestion processes.. As well as streamlined management of change requests and enabling of new functions.


We develop reports within eFront’s reporting infrastructure, including eFront DW, FrontExcel, and FrontReport. As well as using agnostic reporting tools, such as SSRS & Power BI.


Reviewing a current system set up, providing guidance on how to improve user experience, based on the evolving needs of your business, as well as to advise on readiness steps for cloud/SaaS migration.

At it|venture, our unparalleled expertise in eFront sets us apart. We excel in every aspect of the platform, from the intricate CRM and Dealflow modules to the detailed Fund Accounting and Portfolio Monitoring features. Our dedicated team ensures seamless integration, continuous support, and tailored solutions that drive success. So, you can trust us to leverage the full potential of eFront for your business, delivering exceptional results every step of the way.

Relevant eFront Services Engagements


PE, RE, Infra, FOF – Full Implementation Project

Working with Investment Teams across various asset classes to scope an eFront Invest implementation, we documented the overlaps between each investment strategy whilst noting differences. Some highlights of our work here include assessing, scoping and implementing the following requirements;

  • Venture Capital – Cap table management. Equity, Preferred Equity, Quasi Equity and Warrants.
  • Private Credit – fixed income coupons, constant amortization, sale and leaseback loans, implemented a process for dealing with VAT loans, including potential rebates. Loans with purchase options. Asset management & servicing fees associated to instruments.
  • Real Estate – purchase and capital expenditure loans with commitment & undrawn commitment fees.
  • Fund of Funds – primary and secondary fund investment requirements.


In addition, we worked with the manager to design and build portfolio monitoring collection templates. Therefore allowing the collection of bespoke operational metrics for each asset class. After these collection processes were set up, we provided custom training sessions for each asset class. So this ensured that the teams knew how to populate and submit their data on an ongoing basis.

EU Family Office

Direct, Secondaries & Credit – Ready Migration Project

Our client had a heavily customised implementation of eFront. This was causing serious challenges for system upgrades. Therefore, a decision was taken to reimplement the system with READY configuration. So, we used the existing system to extract all the necessary business objects and transactions, then populated the import templates. This included adaption of the data for the new set up, and re-importing this into the new version. We simplified this challenge significantly by creating an automated process.

Fund Administrator

Power BI Reporting Project

We designed and built modern, automated Power BI reports, integrated with the eFront DataWarehouse, for a fund administrator. They were looking for a reliable way to share reports across their organisation. In addition, their aim was to move away from distributing excel files via email. By utilising the Power BI Service portal, embedding Power BI reports into SharePoint or their own Investor portal, and directly connecting to their eFront data, the client’s reporting process was significantly streamlined. In addition, this reduced the security risk associated with distributing reports over email. As well as providing the organisation more time to understand their data and derive valuable insights.

London GP

PE Retained Service

Our client experienced the loss of their two internal experts who possessed in-depth knowledge of their eFront platform. However, as a long-term partner of the client, we were perfectly placed to fill this knowledge gap. We therefore quickly assigned a skilled team to work with the client. Using an assignment of 10 days per month, we addressed high priority tickets raised by users in our Jira system, as well as undertaking any required project work. This included new fund migration, new report/dashboard development, and implementing new functionality.

eFront Service Engagement Models

Project Based Resourcing

Clients that require assistance to deliver a dedicated project. For example, the roll-out of new features, or the analysis and revision of the site’s data model. As well as the rebuild of existing features or processes, the full re-integration of the platform or the on-boarding of new teams.

Following scoping sessions, a documented scope will be agreed with the client and a commercial proposal provided. Once agreed we will provide dedicated project resourcing with the appropriate skillsets to deliver the project working closely with the client’s internal team, as well as business users, to ensure success.

Retained Service

Clients that require access to consistent resourcing to provide support and delivery for the eFront platform. Typically, our team will supplement the client’s internal capacity to provide best practice advice and technical delivery of any changes that are required. As well as the full-service management of collection and data upload and report generation.

Resourcing is agreed on a per month basis with time allocated to the client that is utilised over the course of the month on a scheduled basis. Depending on the level of assistance required we can provide everything from full time equivalent resourcing through to one day a week of resourcing.

Ad Hoc Support

Clients that do not have a major project or roadmap to deliver against but require ad-hoc assistance to deliver smaller changes or supplement internal capacity.

You will be assigned an account manager who will coordinate providing ad-hoc access to resourcing as requests are made for support. The account manager will seek to provide access to a consistent pool of resources throughout the project, however we are unable to provide guaranteed access to consistent resourcing under this model. Therefore, there may be delays in the resource’s ability to deliver against tasks on the amount of time available. As well as the ability to attend meetings without fore-warning and notice.

In-depth eFront Case Studies

EU based LP

eFront FrontInvest Implementation, Data Migration and Reporting

For the LP’s eFront Implementation, we provided project assistance for their move from excel spreadsheets to the latest version of FrontInvest. During this period, we analysed and consolidated excel files to extract the relevant information to migrate data into eFront. In addition, we assisted in the set up of the General Ledger module, configuring multiple accounting schemas. We ensured all processes were automated where possible, repeatable where necessary and reconcilable. Therefore ensuring data quality was not compromised. These checks were built into the data processing stage of the migration, comparing source data with automated checking reports. We have implemented FrontReports, Dashboards and PowerBI reports to support business users’ reporting requirements.

To ensure that the data migration was meticulously implemented, therefore enabling their use of FrontInvest, as well as enhancing the activities of their business users. We focused on:

  • Ensuring data was migrated efficiently, as well as with the highest degree of accuracy
  • Automating large sets of data transformation using Python, based on mapping performed by the it|venture team, in collaboration with the client.
  • Reconciliation of data through automated checking reports built in the system.
  • Implementing a General Ledger, setting up GL accounts and accounting schemas.
  • Robust system testing, including GL generation and postings of business transactions and operations.
  • A reporting framework that supports the needs and demands of the business and stakeholders was developed, including implementation of PowerBI reports, based on eFront FrontInvest data through eFront Data Warehouse.
  • Our unique relationship with eFront enables us to “speak the same language”, ensuring needs and requirements are accurately conveyed and delivered.
  • Our detailed understanding of the eFront technology allows us to appropriately recommend and deliver solutions on a wide variety of tasks without having to engage eFront’s professional services team.
  • Our ability to proactively manage workflows allows users to focus on their own jobs and deliver value to the business.
  • Our engagement with business users enables us to provide new insights to bring value to the business and communicate effectively.
  • Following the conclusion of the project, such was the success of our collaboration with the client, they secured ongoing resource from the it|venture team to support their use of the platform.

London GP

eFront FrontInvest Reporting and Ongoing Support.

it|venture has acted as a trusted advisor to the client since 2015.  During this period we have undertaken countless eFront FrontInvest related workflows, including design and build of various new Reports, and the ongoing maintenance of their Reporting suite. This included reports for all areas of the business, including Quarterly Reporting to LPs, Financial Statements, Track Record Reporting, DealFlow Reporting, Compliance Reporting, Notice Generation. 

The client had struggled to retain an in-house resource to maintain and continue to develop their eFront reporting infrastructure. Following a previous successful collaboration with it|venture to implement a portfolio monitoring solution, the client sought support with this to:

  • Ensure high priority report changes/report issues were being resolved in a timely manner.
  • Create new reports, based on launch of new fund types/strategies, and to maintain pace with changing industry requirements,
  • Benefit from it|venture’s best practice knowledge on use of eFront, as well as reporting.
  • Where existing legacy reports which were not fit for purpose, identify areas for improvement and enact these changes, else decommission and redevelop.
  • Support the development of integrations between FrontInvest and other solutions within the clients technology infrastructure.
  • Being able to source support from a pool of consultants, rather than one in-house resource enabled the client to de-risk their solution by reducing key person dependencies, and internal training demands.
  • The client also was able to benefit from the wider project experience of the it|venture team, including details of industry best practices.
  • Based on our previous project experience with other market solutions., the it|venture team were able to well advise how efront should fit within their wider technical infrastructure, and contribute significantly to the design and build of these integrations. 


eFront Invest & Portfolio Monitoring Implementation, Data Migration, Reporting & Integrations

The client was implementing eFront Invest to manage its portfolio. They sought support from the it|venture team to provide subject matter expertise, ensuring that the scoped solution would meet the needs of all the key stakeholders who spanned numerous asset classes. Following the scoping, the internal team wanted to remain hands on with the implementation, but recognised the limits of their own knowledge and experience. They worked in close collaboration with the it|venture team’s expertise to achieve a successful outcome. 

The it|venture team had several key objectives during the project:

  • Design and implement a solution which fulfils the needs of the RE, Infra, VC, Trade Finance, Debt and Fund of Fund asset classes.
  • Create relevant test cases to ensure the system set up is fit for purpose, and run the UAT process. 
  • Educate the internal team to undertake the data migration and provide continuous best practice guidance as the data was loaded.
  • Implement the GL for the various accounting schema needed.
  • Design and build a robust set of output reports.
  • End user training for both functional use of the system, and ongoing solution maintenance for the master data service team.
  • Create a variety of integrations between eFront and other functions within the client’s existing infrastructure.
  • The client was able to benefit from the wider project experience of the it|venture team, including details of industry best practices, and ensure that the client’s internal team was fully prepared for the realities of the project.
  • Where the internal team did not have the correct capabilities, for instance set up of the GL and build of eFront Reports, the it|venture team were able to fully deliver these aspects.
  • Our expertise in each asset class enabled us to take a holistic view of the implementation, harness the synergies and also ensure the asset class differences would be fully supported.

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