Dynamo’s platform manages the end-to-end investment process, encompassing front, middle and back-office capabilities for GPs and LPs

With an impressive track record of implementations, our Dynamo services range from ongoing product support to full implementations. Because our experience spans the full range of private capital market functions, our expertise is fully complementary to Dynamo’s offering.

Our Dynamo Services

Best Practice

Using our vast experience to advise on best practice of how to fully utilise the platform to ensure it meets a client’s needs. As well as designing a blueprint of this target state.

Fund Accounting

Implementation of back-office platform features, including portfolio and fund management, as well as General Ledger set up.

Full Suite

Working with the end-to-end Dynamo Suite. Including CRM and Fund Raising modules, as well as Portfolio Monitoring and Back Office accounting.


Leveraging the experience of numerous data migration projects, we understand exactly how to deliver a successful Dynamo migration.


Delivery of bespoke training plans, therefore ensuring clients get the best of the system, either as a full platform manager, or for general daily use.


Building robust integrations into Dynamo from third-party data providers, as well as into external reporting tools, such as data warehouses.


Full platform upkeep of user interface, reports and collection processes. Streamlined management of change requests and enabling of new functions.


Development of reports within Dynamo’s internal reporting infrastructure, as well as agnostic reporting tools, such as SSRS & Power BI.


Reviewing a current system set up and providing guidance on how to improve user experience, based on the evolving needs of your business.

Dynamo is a highly efficient and flexible solution. The platform is designed to streamline data-driven tasks, making it easier to manage and analyse information. Dynamo enhances decision-making and improves workflow efficiency. With advanced analytics and intuitive data management, Dynamo empowers you to work smarter, not harder.

Dynamo Services Case Study

London Based GP

Fund Accounting & Portfolio Administration, Dynamo migration.

Our client had been using eFront PEO to manage their portfolio. However, as their platform was reaching the end of support, and following an assessment of available options on the market, they opted to implement Dynamo’s Fund Accounting Platform. Dynamo’s capabilities were deemed the most aligned to the client’s use case, with additional functionality available, including fund raising and contact management, all in the user-friendly interface.

Our long-standing relationship with the client, during which we maintained and supported their current system, positioned us well to execute the transition seamlessly. We developed custom scripts to extract and transform the data, subsequently reviewing the extracted data to ensure its accuracy and completeness. The import template was them populated and provided to the Dynamo implementation team for system loading.

Our role in the project was to:
  • Develop and implement custom SQL scripts to accurately extract data from then existing platform.
  • Transform this into a format that could be easily, as well as quickly imported into the new platform.
  • Conduct comprehensive reviews of the extracted data including detailed checks and balances to identify and rectify any discrepancies or inconsistencies. Therefore ensuring that the client could be confident with the data.
  • Collaborate closely with the Dynamo implementation team to ensure a successful import of data into the new system.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with eFront PEO and associated data structure, enabling direct and bespoke data extraction, in the required format.
  • Our long-term client relationship, which comes from years of maintaining their existing systems, gave us in-depth knowledge of how their business operates, allowing us an unrivalled understanding of their data. This, coupled with our extensive experience of the private capital markets, system implementations and migrations meant that we were perfectly placed to ensure the success of this project.

Dynamo Services Engagement Models

Project Based Resourcing

Clients that require assistance to deliver a dedicated project, for example the roll-out of new features, the analysis and revision of the site’s data model, the rebuild of existing features or processes, the full re-integration of the platform or the on-boarding of new teams.

Following scoping sessions, a documented scope will be agreed with the client and a commercial proposal provided. Once agreed we will provide dedicated project resourcing with the appropriate skillsets to deliver the project working closely with the client’s internal team and business users to ensure success.

Retained Service

Clients that require access to consistent resourcing to provide support and delivery for the Dynamo platform. Typically, our team will supplement the client’s internal capacity to provide best practice advice and technical delivery of any changes that are required, as well as the full-service management of collection and data upload, as well as report generation.

Resourcing is agreed on a per month basis with time allocated to the client that is utilised over the course of the month on a scheduled basis. Depending on the level of assistance required we can provide everything from full time equivalent resourcing through to one day a week of resourcing.

Ad Hoc Support

Clients who do not have a major project or roadmap to deliver against, but require ad-hoc assistance to deliver smaller changes or supplement internal capacity.

You will be assigned an account manager who will coordinate providing ad-hoc access to resourcing as requests are made for support. The account manager will seek to provide access to a consistent pool of resources throughout the project, however we are unable to provide guaranteed access to consistent resourcing under this model. There may therefore be delays in the resource’s ability to deliver against tasks/limitations on the amount of time available/ability to attend meetings without fore-warning and notice.

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