Data and the five levels of sophistication

In 2024, more and more conversations we have with clients and prospects inevitably end up with a discussion on AI and how they can use it. Whilst there is little doubt that AI is coming, firms need to be ready to implement it. We believe that requires a significant amount of groundwork to be done […]

Reflecting on the crucial components of any data strategy

Last month, I was delighted to be asked to join a panel debate at the Real Deals Tech Innovation Conference in London. The topic of the discussion focussed on the growing importance of data as an asset for private capital market firms and how a coherent data strategy can deliver huge value. As a topic […]

Designing and implementing streamlined data architecture in DealCloud

In our global practice we recently completed a 14-month project with a leading US head quartered alternative asset management business with in excess of $500bn AUM. They asked us to design a solution to migrate over 1,000 users from their existing DealCloud site, which required the maintenance of multiple versions of pipelines in Excel, to […]

Why change management is critical for data platforms

In the realm of private markets, the value of data cannot be overstated. To excel in this ever-changing landscape, businesses must adopt cutting-edge data platforms. However, the success of these transitions hinges on effective change management. Prolonged development downtime isn’t aligned with peak business performance, as we’ve learned through extensive experience in crafting solutions to […]